Alpha players (black suit but no black weapon)

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TSIA, always been using my black suit armor but it doesnt look correct with the green colored rifle in your hands.
How come we didnt get a "black" rifle skin? like Tundra or Kodiak?


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    I think it would be pretty cool, but I understand them not wanting to make people who missed out on the alpha upset by spending time to give us extra stuff.


    Though just slap some world models on this and it would be good to go.
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    Something about extra memory consumptions as well, so you can use the SE mods I have on there. And I believe there are a few more with black-ish skins, with a bit of a different look, mine are based on the SE black spec-ops armour

    You can use these skinmods freely on any server, viewmodel skins are whitelisted

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