[Experimental] Recurring bug -- cant open Bulkhead Doors again

RainstormRainstorm Montreal (Quebec) Join Date: 2015-12-15 Member: 210003Members
So from time to time that bug resurface (get it? underwater game joke--)

As of this build (35742) I cannot open any bulkhead doors again. Not sure if its directly linked to the last bigger game update we just had on experimental that just added more content in the Aurora or if its just a coincidence.


Sometimes, it seemingly happens at random, ill load up a save game or even start a new one and all bulkhead doors i build as well as those already built are non-usable. Whenever i get close to a bulkhead door the little hand icon appears, letting me believe that the door will function as regular, but when i click on the bulkhead door to open it nothing happens.

It basically becomes a wall you cant get past. The only way to unblock the way is to effectively disassemble the bulkhead door. Disassembling/rebuilding the bulkhead door does not fix the problem nor is quitting/reloading the save either. Theres no way i know of fixing this issue beside waiting a few days. Not sure if the bug goes away by itself or if eventually it get patched by Devs .... eventually the bulkheads starts working again as normal.

For now i guess ill just disassemble all the bulkhead doors save 1 and test that one from time to time to see when they become usable once more :wink:


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