Suggestion to revamp the startinggame.

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*start new game*

*scene 1*
Subnautica logo and maby some credits or something (basicly a pre-loading screen)
Fade to black

*Scene 2*
Fade in from black
Space, some stars, some planets and moons and a view on the Aurora traveling trough space.
(mayby some humming sounds to emphasise that the aurora is traveling and/or game sounds)
Fade to black.

*Scene 3*
Fade in from black
inside the Aurora in the living quarters in a sleeping room the user/player wakes up from an alarmclock just to start his daily duties on the ship.

Looks at the ceiling when waking up and procedes to sit up straight and turn to sit on the side of his bed and turning off the alarm clock and then stands up.

!- At this point the game should instruct the player how the movement goes -!
wasd/mouse instructions for pc.
controller for xbox.

*Scene 4*
Continuation from the previous scene but this only starts when the user has used his controls so that the game knows that the user is able to use the controls.

A comms voice is comming trough asking if the player can report to his workstation for his daily duties.

user walks to the door , opens it....

Fade to black.

*Scene 5*
Fade in from black

Player stands in a corridor and has to walk forward to his workstation wich is located a few meters away.
(Comms voice is directing him to his workplace)

! - While the player is standing at his workplace, this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce some building mechanics and how the scanning of objects is done to new players -!

Queue pissed off comms voice asking why always new workers seems to forget how to actually work when they go out on their first voyage or something like that.

( voice com can also be used for instructions on how everything works and encourage the player if he/she completed something correctly)

Queue second different voice com announcing they approach to planet <planetname> and that everyone should prepare for landing.

First voice com instructs user to go back to his quarters and wait for further instructions.

At this point the player should just walk back to where he came from at tha start of this scene.
Fade to black

*Scene 6*

Black screen... alarm bells go off.
Voice comm announces that some sort of unknown powersource is detected on the planet and that eveyone should be on high alert.

Fade in from black

The player is walking in a corridor and suddenly the voice com annouces that the Aurora is under attack.

Queue impact.

!- perfect time to show the player how to run and jump over obstacles while he's making it for the escape pod.-!

First explosion makes every suddenly black (no light)
Alam bells go off and the emergency lights go on a couple seconds later.
Comms voice is prompting everyone to the escapepods.
Player has to run for his life (if not in time for he escape pod, he will die with the explosion)(it IS a survival game)

When he reaches the pod and enters it the scene fades to black.

*scene 7*

And from here the normal game should continue.
Player is in space seeing the aurora explode from his window ect ect ect.


I made this scenario basicly to help new users en to empasise the fact that you are stranded from outer space.
Nothing more, nothing less.

If something like this would be implemented i would also suggest an option to cut the intro for returning players so that they don't have to complete the tutotial every time.


  • RainstormRainstorm Montreal (Quebec) Join Date: 2015-12-15 Member: 210003Members
    i really like the idea, it would not only allow us to see more of the undestroyed Aurora's interior but also some of the crew before they almost all die :)

    On the minus side, giving that the dev team working on Subnautica is rather small im not sure they have the ressources to do such a developped intro scene. i mean if they did im sure the intro would be much more developped than it is now surely. Who knows, maybe later on we will have a longer intro/tutorial like that :smiley:
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