Reinforcements Sytem for public servers (tickets)

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Hey I play a lot of public servers of course, and there's always been a big problem where the end of the game is near, but the match still drags on for another 5-15 minutes. Being undermatched a little bit is ok, but the game works in such a way where there is a point where you really can't win anymore.

The idea is to add "reinforcements" or whatever you want to call it, basically a tickets system that only kicks in when one team is completely overwhelmed. Let's say the marines are going to get stomped in an example match:

They start with 100 reinforcements
Each death costs 1 point
Res nodes generate 1 point per minute
Caps at 100 points
Building another chair completely refills 100 points

The numbers can all be changed of course, but the marines (the example team) will only run out of reinforcements if they are down to very little map control. In this example the marines might get to the point where they only have that 1 res node, so they only gain 1 reinforcement per minute, but are dying 11 times per minute, so they lose 10 reinfocements per minute. Say we are 10 minutes into the match and the marines are down to 60 tickets because they have been outmatched the whole time; the system will force the marines to lose within 6 minutes, unless they take more res nodes or grab a second chair. Let me know what you think, I think it would work well in public matches.
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