Let us ponder robotics in Subnautica.

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To be fair, it could remove some challenge, but having a drone equipped with a stasis rifle or a scanner would make me feel a bit more secure down in the deeps.
Generic drone/probe recipe: 1 Advanced wiring kit, 2 batteries/1 power cell, 4 titanium, and 2 computer chip.
It would contain a 2x2 space in the inventory and cannot be deployed as it has no specified function.
possible upgrades:
recipe: Gen + scanner + computer chip = scanner drone
-Radial defense
recipe: Gen + seamoth emp node + 2 wiring kits = radial shock sentry
-Stasis Ward
recipe: Gen + stasis rifle + lithium = stasis drone
-Dive tether
recipe: Gen + dive reel = dive reel node (this isn't one of the better ones?
-Spot light
recipe: Gen + flashlight = light probe
recipe: Gen + seamoth storage + exosuit drill arm + power cell = miner
recipe: Gen + Repulsion/Propulsion cannon = repulsion/propulsion sentry.

wow, it became hard to write some of these down the list, as most are either sentries that follow or are just defensive or non-following probes. The scanner is different than the scan room drone as the scanner takes scans of nearby flora and fauna and coral around the player. all drones can be (except for Shock sentry) be stunned by electronic pulses from the shocker, and aggressive fauna can attack and destroy drones.

new building: Robotic foundry: build modified drones to serve different purpose. Has 4 probe charging stations and an active panel. this active panel is connected to scanner room detection (for mining drones). Sentries are battery powered and are deployables that require occasional battery changes.

What would this bring to the table?: it would bring a safe way to gather supplies in hostile environments and allow for player protection in hostile environments.
how to obtain: Gen drones can be found in the safe shallows and scanner in the kelp forest. each modification is in a unique biome and requires 2 scans of the drone scrap.
how to obtain the building: a new building either found in the blood kelp or the D-grand reef or mountains biomes. the fragments are named Foundry fragments, and you need four fragments to build the foundry.
the foundry requires: 5 plasteel ingots, 5 titanium ingots, 2 wiring kits, and a computer chip. this structure comes equipped with a modified modification stations called the forge, and active panel is makeable for the same resources as the seamoth modification station. the foundry is the same shape as the moonpool, but designed for heavy equipment like the cyclops (maybe also a cyclops docking bay?*)
*If a cyclops docking bay, a special modification station could be added here for adding additional lights or cameras or other augments to the large submersible.


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    Considering that we're clearly dealing with a post-Star Trek level technology to begin with, fashioning a ROVER should be fairly simple, I would think.

    The question is: What do we attach it to? Seamoth? Cyclops? Or just launch straight from the Moonpool (<- probably best option).
  • SigmalxSigmalx USA Join Date: 2016-07-12 Member: 220132Members
    again, the idea of the foundry is a place to deploy micro submersibles, but maybe a new part to the moonpool would work, or a foundry to fashion them. in reality a new hangar that's for large submersibles could have the ability to add extra cameras or lights to the cyclops like some our own submersibles with less lights on the front and a lot of lights underneath them. just a thought
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