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So after a while of trying to get my game working again, (just opens a clear, unresponsive window with the music playing in the background. On click it turns black and crashes. ) , I asked if a new graphics card would help at all. So we are looking to get either a Geforce GTX 970 or wait and get the 1060, which is supposedly better. Someone told me that the 970 is about 24x as good as our current one, a Geforce 610. So I had some questions. Which one of the two do you guys think is better. Is the better one worth the money? Could the new graphics card NOT help with my problem? Just want to be sure on what to get so we are disappointed with the results. Thanks!


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    I would try to get at 1060 or an AMD 480. The 970 is using the older maxwell architecture, while the 10XX series cards are using pascal. Even if you can get the a 970 for the same cost, the 1060 should be better since it's a smaller process die, includes new features like simultaneous multi-projection, ansel, etc.

    The main downside is they will be hard to get for a while if the 1080 and 1070 launches are anything to go by.

    There is no guarantee the new video card will fix the issue. The GTX 610 is slow enough that you're probably going to find and upgrade worthwhile if you game a fair bit. Then again, if you have a 610, your economics may be different. If cash is tight, try to borrow a video card to test it or wait to see if the devs fix it in a patch.
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    I have a GTX 1080 and I have no problems with crashes and/or blackscreens, but very often bad 1-3 sec Laggs (the point is always on the same Ingame position). I think with the GTX 1060 you will have less problems with the game... but some problems are only bugs and these must be fixed.
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