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If you are having issues with the game, we are sorry and we would like to help you. Please follow the instructions on the Subnautica Troubleshooting guide to help us help you. Almost all technical problems are covered in the guide. If the game used to run but after an update no longer does please Verify the Integrity of the Game Cache. See the Installation section of the Subnautica Troubleshooting guide for details.

If you need additional support chances are you are encountering one of the following:
  • Issues specific to your machine, in which case we can't fix the issue, but you can! The troubleshooting guide is what you really want. If necessary you can ask community members on these forums right here, the Steam forums, or the Discord chat for help to walk you through. Thankfully we have a very dedicated community experienced in tech support.
  • Issues specific to the Unity3D game engine we are using, in which case we can't fix the issue either. However, we aggregate those issues and send bug reports to Unity. If and when those issues actually get fixed is at the mercy of Unity.
  • Issues specific to Subnautica which lead to crashing. Please post the output log file on these forums or send it to us by email. The log files help us identify and fix corner cases, which allows us to build a better game. We almost never reply, but we analyze and aggregate them and take action where possible.
  • Non-crashing issues. No need to report those really. We already know about them. All script errors are automatically tracked and aggregated by Unity Analytics. All other gameplay related issues are being tracked and aggregated by our F8 feedback tool.

For anything else and generally speaking all the time really we encourage you to engage with the community. Our development team is very small and we simply don't have time to engage in one-to-one conversations. Sorry! Do yourself a favor and ask the community. They know everything. In fact they often know more than any single person on the development team. We, the developers, keep an eye on all community places. So if there is something we need to know we will know.


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    I am Unable to use trouble shooting page on right side of screen on the xbox one , nether the feed back side on the left anymore after receveing new up date , ive deleted the game an all save dataes on xbox stoarge an live , then re downloaded , othey thing that was fix was being stuck on floor bottom , Have snocroling sound noise , unable to cut ccommon coarl, Framrateing s a bit harsh when it comes to catching fish , a few Fragments are gliched, crash's happen , but love subnatica , just need an update for bugs an some .. new subs coff... maybe lol an some bad ass sea bug killer an will be in there !... 1 thing i realy dont want to resart my game getting this new updated ... 2days play.. ill do it just let it be for a 10g update , not just rodent killer .. .. example... blow the planet an start again ... rather be , we have a bunch onf good stuff to sendyah's but them dam bugs , we gota ddt the ocean an come back fresh with a buncha new toys ! =P
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