Submarines in VR (some suggestions)

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Finally got my CV1 a few weeks ago, and I've been spending quite a lot of time with Subnautica. It's IMO one of the prettiest VR games out there, I'm particularly impressed with how the devs nailed the scaling. Everything is _perfectly_ to scale, and the creatures are massive! However, as you're likely well aware of, the VR experience has a few hitches at the moment, particularly regarding vehicles. Here are some potential issues I've spotted. Note that these are mostly personal opinions. :)

When piloting the Seamoth or the Cyclops, the avatar is rotated 90 degrees, and the hands do not grip the Cyclops steering wheel. I assume this will be fixed.
Also, I think the camera should be moved a little more forward. Whenever I look down at my avatar, it feels like the camera is a bit off (or the characters chest is _very_ bulky). It really feels like the camera is mounted too far back on the avatar's body. On the other hand, it's also very easy to clip through the seat of the Seamoth when turning your head looking to the side or backwards. (The Seamoth interior looks awesome, by the way!).

I also had some thoughts on the HUD. At the moment onscreen text like the depth meter is very distracting and immersion-breaking when piloting a sub, especially if you turn your head, as it is stereoscopically behind the seamoth model but is displayed on top of it. This really messes with my brain.
This is also true for the crosshairs circle, I realise it must be there but maybe if could be faded out a bit when using VR? It's still easy to see since it's on a different depth level.

Inventory icons are still visible when piloting the seamoth. I assume this is a bug?

I would pay good money to have functional, high-res displays on the subs! This would be a great place to put the depth meter! While the camera toggle icon on the Cyclops is nice to have, it's very large and distracting, particularly in VR.

The "Board Cyclops" text is visible all the time even when I'm on foot inside the Cyclops. It's disorienting for the same reasons I mentioned above. Same with the Cyclops location blip. (and the Seamoth blip, even though it is docked). Do they really need to be visible here?

I did some decorating inside by Cyclops. When placing wall plant pots inside the sub, they do not stick to the curved wall, but instead hover in mid air in front of it. This wasn't a big problem when playing on my monitor, but in VR it became much more apparent. Maybe not allowing wall mounted items inside the Cyclops at all would be a good idea?

Feel free to discuss or post more VR issues! :)


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    On second thought, some of this probably should go in Bug Reporting, but most of the post is more about ui design. ;-)
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