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For you psychopaths out there who like to kill everything in Subnautica, how would the Fauna dropping something when they die or being more useful than bio reactor fuel sound.
For example:
-Stalkers, being able to loot their teeth/edible bodies
-Gas'o'pods, being able to make a suit resistant to gas and/or the hanging jelly fish things (the ones in the abandon bases)
-Bone Sharks, being able to harvest their armour like skin to make improved plating for the seamoth
-Ampeels(those electro eels) making improved defensive systems

I am open to suggestions about the Fauna that i did not mention and to any feed back.


  • WaviestBow6WaviestBow6 Join Date: 2016-06-05 Member: 218131Members
    Or for the non psychopaths you could just scan them. :)

    Nothing against your idea by the way. Just saying.
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    You can already kidnap their eggs, hatch the babies and then throw them into the reactor.
    If that doesn't sound like something a psycho would do then I give up.

    People already breed stalkers for teeth anyway. It beats running around kelp forests for hours.
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    edited July 2016
    and if this game is not about killing agressive creature ?
    also, do you think it's an interesting gameplay to stun a stalker an cut it to death ?

    if you have a agressive fauna loot, subnautica say to the player "Killing creature is necesssary for progressing across the tech tree"
    and the player will answered " Ok, but gimme more lethal weapon please, it's boring to kill something actually"

    and the gameplay will drastically change.

    You're idea is not bad, but for being legit with the actual gameplay, it's maybe more interesting to loot a classic resource that you can find
    somewhere else without killing anything, just a bonus but not a real way to farm resources.

    you can maybe forgot the idea for the bioreactor, latern fruit is already too much Op for that (ilimited and near to the reactor).

    For improve you're starting suggestion, maybe it could be a good idea to loot nothing but to re-use the gameplay used with the sea trader and stalkers : some fauna creature leave behind them some resources with special condition. it's maybe interesting because you have to stay alert and careful with the agressive fauna for farming special resources (Feed a sandshark with a special fish etc ...) that keep you in danger and don't brake the fear sensation create by the agressive fauna ('Coz the player is powerless).

  • ThomasGideonThomasGideon USA Join Date: 2016-07-06 Member: 219745Members
    I actually prefer that Subnautica is not a kill-fest. I appreciate that it reinforces the feeling through its in-game tech of a minimally intrusive presence on the environment. To me, the feeling of not slaughtering through everything is refreshing and nice.

    Of course, I'm one of those "psychopathic" and "weak, gun-owning Americans", so perhaps my opinion is not valid.
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