New to Spark Editor: Replicating a famous map from Tremulous (ATCS)

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Today I tried using the spark editor for the first time. I zoomed by a youtube video from 2009 and a lot of things were missing so I got some help from discord.

After 3 hours, I have completed the main base!

The overall map layout with res and command slots will look sometihng like this:
It isn't final, I may add a vent to connect the hallway to the central bunker (some ATCS modified versions on trem did tihs) or just to the central area in genera, and maybe add a few more res nodes in the hallway.

Despite what it looks like, the map isn't actually very big. It will take a human approximately 15 seconds or less by running or a fade less than 8 seconds to go from one side of the other, and this shows how quick you can travel in just from the middle halway to the human base with CPM physics:

Hopefully this map will introduce some interesting compact gameplay. I honestly don't really like the "resource starvation" effect of NS2 and want to give commanders more things to do other than research and placing nodes, particular in the offensive so tihs map will contain two res towers per base, and I will perhaps add one in between each base depending on how I think it is suitable.

In Tremulous it is often a camping game for humans in the end because structures die so easily in that game, but in NS2 this may be human biased in NS2 due to its size with aliens able to quickly finish off an enemy base wihle humans can use their ARCs to obliterate bases with ease. You probably don't even need a phase gate to rush the enemy base.

The map is called "ATCS" (Advance Tactical Combat Simulator) by various people as a "temporary map" for while Tremulous was in developement between 2000 and 2005 (despite it still being in the official rotation), with the construction phase somehow done in less than 2 hours, and the original (license ersion adapted for Tremulous 1.1.0 [2006]) is under a GPL CC-BY-SA license.
Original Map Credits:
   -[ general ]-----------------------------------------------------------------
          title : advanced tactical combat simulator
       filename : atcs.bsp
   release date : 05.08.11

   -[ credits ]-----------------------------------------------------------------
   construction : nicolas "jex" jansens | [email protected]
       textures : yves "evil lair" allaire |
                : simon "sock" o'callaghan |
                : nicolas "jex" jansens | [email protected]
         cheers : norfenstein, ravyn, timbo, who-[soup]
   -[ gameplay ]----------------------------------------------------------------
      game mode : tremulous |
        players : 4+

   -[ construction ]------------------------------------------------------------
     build time : four days
       textures : evillair's (yves allaire) updated quake 2 texture set 
       software : gtkradiant 1.2.13, packertools, q3map2

   -[ setting ]-----------------------------------------------------------------
          theme : a combat training simulator pitting mercenaries against
                  vicious aliens.

   -[ legal ]-------------------------------------------------------------------
   Please refer to the Tremulous license in the file COPYING.

   -[ other notices ]-----------------------------------------------------------
   textures by yves allaire fall under this license:

   textures from shaderlab are subject to the terms of this notice: Usage and
   redistribution policy: Textures may be freely downloaded, modified, and used
   in free maps, mods or total conversions provided this copyright notice is
   left intact and a link to Shaderlab is provided in the credits or read-me
   file.  Other non-commercial applications are considered on a case-by-case
   basis via e-mail. All other usage requires written permission.  Bulk
   redistribution or archival of the textures in any medium, digital or
   otherwise (except mapping packages for mods) is prohibited.

* basic main base completed
* Completed Hallway and mirrored map; I forgot to do my homework, and its due tomorrow (welp)
* Completed donut entrance
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