re-imagining of the "wet suits"

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As it stands right now we have the basic wet suit, radiation suit, still suit and reinforced suit.

What I'm proposing is a re work of the current suits to make them ALL still very much still relevant through the whole game! While still using the current mechanics of the game for ease of programming and implementation.. And adding in a few new mechanics/dangers to make these ideas more exciting and as I said previously, relevant!

Depth levels
Crush depth
Oxygen consumption

Natural Radiation
Cold temperatures ( in development? )

First off lets just out right scrap the reinforced dive suit, ill explain down the road..

Second of all the subs suffer from crush depth and so should we.. The rebreather helps with oxygen consumption and I think at "crush" depth we should also start to slowly lose HP.. The further down the faster our HP drains.

Your starter wet suit is exactly that still and would be discarded after you make your first suit.. Arguably the Radiation suit.


After the aurora is fixed this suit is also no longer needed so to make it relevant down the road either add a "natural" high radiation to an existing biome such as the koosh zone ( example not concrete ) or to aurora wrecks ( the big significant ones ) or add a new creature that excretes high radiation.


1 chip slot *

-Does all the normal things the radiation suit allows
-Deeper Diving
-Keeps equal movement
-25% protection

-Deepest dive limit
-Equal movement
-50% protection.

Now the same can be applied for the Still suit..

Now the new suit, its an enhanced wetsuit designed to get better reaction times from the Exosuit.. It has all the same attributes as the above suits ( no rad protection ) but receives 2 chip slots and better movement speed and power consumption in the exosuit per level of the wetsuit


Nothing exactly fancy per say just different chips for different situations which also drop the amount of "new suits" needed

Thermal chip: Allows longer swiming time in colder waters and negates some of the slower movement. And in the flip side keeps you cooler longer in "hot" waters

Reactive membrane: Adds 5% more protection and when somthing like a bleeder trys to latch on theres a chance it cant..

Pressure chip: If they implement the NITROGEN dev command into the game.. This would allow faster rising without the negative effects

Flex chip: Further increases your swim speed no more then a 5% - 10% increase

Bioluminescent chip: Gives you a feint glow to help you see better in dark waters or caves and has a small chance to be viewed as food ( reapers exempt )

Mimicry chip: Gives you a better chance of not being noticed

If you've read this far thank you very much lmao, I know its been a long one and I hope you guys/gals have a favorable outlook on my suggestion.. Have a great night/day all!



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    I just realized that I didnt mention that the base wetsuits would be fabricated normally, and all upgrades could be done on the modification station ( that little gem needs more use )
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    I've mentioned this in other threads, but you do realize that real divers don't get crushed when they dive, like submarines do? Because divers equalize the pressure within their body (via the Regulator). Submarines do not.
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    Your correct to an extent..

    Normally divers dont go Much passed 100 - 120 feet, more recently a man did manage to get to a depth of 1090 feet which works out to 332.232 meters. Which is an incredible accomplishment on to itself ( infact a Guinness record )

    Now that being said.. 500 meters let alone 1000 meters would be fatal without the use of specialized gear.. Not just a basic wetsuit.. Let alone a radiation suit...

    So while your correct that humans and submarines are in fact different.. In the end we both end up "crushed" under the weight of the ocean
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    id very much love to hear from a Dev as to what they think of all this, as well as if theres something coming in the (hopefully) near future about that.

    After all, not only is this a game but it also happens on an entirely different planet than earth. Its very possible that physics would work very differently on other planets, its just that ignoring almost everything of this Subnautican world, all we (the players) are left with in the end is our own conceptions of what we think and know what is ''Realistic'' ... really :smiley:

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    Count me in as a yes vote on this idea, even the part about the modification station. We do need more uses for it.
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