Selectable Spawn areas

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One of my longest lasting gripes of ns2 is it's unintuitive spawn selection feature, as it is right now you mark a spot in a map and hope it spawns you somewhere close to there.

It would ease up on some of the spawning confusion and randomness if you could select a specific techpoint and be put into a queue for that specific techpoint, similar to the battlefield games.

*rough mock-up*


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    Something like what we have for Hives actually. I agree.
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    I've been wanting something like this for a long time.
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    The only drawback I see, is that marines have a linear spawn queue, so if everyone selects one location spawning will take longer.
    For this to work properly, you'd also have to indicate how many spawners there are for each IP...
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    I think that's what these are for
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    @TriggerHappyBro oops, my bad :D
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    This would actually be great for the good old-fashioned, drop chair, drop ip, recycle chair maneuver.
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    It's a good idea, even though marines aren't really about taking multiple tech points necessarily. It still would help in certain situations and also large player rounds.
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