5th restart PDA problem

W3L5H_R4R3_81TW3L5H_R4R3_81T uk Join Date: 2016-06-05 Member: 218136Members
after extinguishing the fire the PDA booted up and stuck on 100%, although can close n' open the PDA it still says the same and cant see inventory :(

i now give up.... im not starting again..... u should pay me the £15.99 to preview this nonsense :(:(:(


  • SlackerstuSlackerstu Join Date: 2016-05-24 Member: 217432Members
    So you lost all the progress of going through the title sequence and not have the patience to play any further? How did you manage to wait for this forum page to load or for that matter the game itself? The game claims to have these issues on the title page, its not surprise. The devs posted they are playing the update for testing before handing it to Microsoft today :) . I wish they would start buying impatient people out of the game to avoid more rants like this. It's not helpful and you could just ask for advice or delete the game from your console as there have been many I know I have purchased and lost interest in or just not the game I was hoping for. Ask for help or take the loss.
  • W3L5H_R4R3_81TW3L5H_R4R3_81T uk Join Date: 2016-06-05 Member: 218136Members
  • itsspartan313itsspartan313 New Jersey Join Date: 2016-06-07 Member: 218229Members
    ignore this person welsh there are all kinds of issues with the game for xbox.. the devs have yet to fix any of them...
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