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Waves. Waves that can maybe move the drop pod from its original location and even sink it overtime. Additionally I think that there should probably also be meteorological effects and weather conditions above the sea level. I also have in mind the addition of a whirlpool effect. But the core is the waves - maybe something Interstellar-like.


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    A while ago I suggested this in one of my posts, alas they still didn't see it. Although I don't think there should be many waves near the beginning of the game, I feel events could happen like meteors and such that could cause crazy waves. There should definitely be some after the Aurora explodes. I'm probably wrong, but I feel as if I remember there being a few large waves coming at you after the Aurora explodes a while ago, and now its not there anymore. Unless it is still there and I'm just an idiot, which is another possibility.
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    Weather effects and waves would be a nice addition. But their effect should be limited to the surface and only a few meters below it 10-15m maybe depending on the "size" of the wave(s). That would be nice. The Life-Pod does change it's position as long as you do not "repair" it. After that a I think it was called "Gravity-Anchor" is activated again which keeps it in position. It would be cool to feel the actual swell inside the lifepod when the sea is not calm.
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