Ping bars instead of numbers... seriously?



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    The devs are delusional if they think that there is no meaningful difference between servers with 51 and 149 or 151 and 249 latencies. I don't buy the explanation either; geographically distant (Germany vs. Chicago) servers consistently had a difference of about 100ms in the browser, and if the numbers were as inaccurate as the ranges of the bars suggest, then shouldn't I have seen the farther server as a better option from time to time? If not, then clearly the numbers were informative.
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    Natural Selection 2, come play an oldschool twitch shooter where lag compensation fixes where you need to shoot and such. This game is so fast paced where aliens move at incredible speeds, so dieing around corners can happen from time to time, especially on servers above 50ms

    Enjoy estimated ping bars in your server browser you oldschool bastards :D
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