Suggestion: Night Crawler

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A strange humanoid Creature that hides in the dark
Type: Fauna
Attitude: Aggressive
1: Seven Tentacle propel itself around and can be used to grab onto it's prey
2: six fingers on each hand slash at it's prey and deal 15 damage to the character
3: Eyes create a strange light that lure prey towards it
4: More Aggressive during the Night
5: Has two rows of teeth that can use to bite their prey and deal 24 damage to the creature
6: Come out of their holes at night

Prey: Everything
Predator: Unknown
Assessment: Avoid very small dark holes and carry a flashlight
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    Sounds really cool and spooky. Hope it gets added in!
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    This is a great idea but the ocean need more passives creatures.
    Sorry for my errors, english is not my first language.
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