What happened to the "Feedback Forum" iniative



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    They said they would be more transparent and listen to the community.

    They could not have more perfectly done the opposite of the latter.

    You'd be amazed how difficult it is to hear constructive criticism in a huge croud of wailing whining bi-- Adult babies.

    Great attitude. I guess that is the reason why feedback was ignored and we have to play a broken game now.
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    Just a short update about the feedback page:

    It's still in use and I read the by the website generated ideas summary before each of our bi-weekly team meetings and try to bring up new interesting/popular ideas with the team.

    Some ideas actually made it into the live build without us really planning them e.g. https://feedback.userreport.com/19e981d4-394e-46de-997e-8913cc04aff2/#idea/75854 .

    Furthermore all via the feedback website reported ns2 bugs have been fixed.

    Sadly the amount of new ideas, bug reports and votes dropped off after one month and by now there are more Subnautica related ideas created each week than ns2.

    Have you seen the fade stab suggestion https://feedback.userreport.com/19e981d4-394e-46de-997e-8913cc04aff2/#idea/124211
    Also would be helpful for new players to have jumps chaining automatically while keeping jump key pressed down. (à la Quake)
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    The rapists, known as the cdt, won.
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