Large Aquarium customization.

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Would it be possible to slightly change the way large aquariums function? I just use them for the aesthetics. I have always enjoyed games where I can have little habitats and enclosures, ( I aim to be a zoo keeper one day and it spills over into my gaming ).

Ideally I wish we had a sort of customization panel of some sorts on the aquariums, the main reason is that I like having 2-3 fish per aquarium, but as you know, they breed like rabbits. using upgrades or anything to make it a customisable option.

1) Limiting the amount of creatures per aquarium.

2) I am not sure if they die over time if they can't breed, but I think you should be able to at least interact with them ( keeping them alive ). As far as I know they can't even be fed xD.

2.5) After building an aquarium however tall you desire, add another room on top. either have a floor hatch/trap door at the centre of the glass to throw food down. Or have iron railings around the glass with an open top to throw food in. Mainly because I love the idea of having an open top aquarium, to feed stalkers from ;P

3) Would be cool if we could name them... why is that important? Simple, it's not ;D.


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    I believe the limit is 10 fish per aquarium structure so if it's 2 rooms high then 20 fish would be the limit. To prevent breeding for now I would limit them to one per species, this way you can have an entire aquarium of different species. Currently they breed way to fast with the game clock moving so fast for it to be practical to have two or more of a single species in the tank as they will fill up the tank in no time at all. I'm sure this will be adjusted in time but currently the only reason to have a pair of the same species is for an extremely easy food source to fill the tank up with. I know early game I had one two story tank devoted to Peepers and one two story tank devoted to bladder fish. Late game I started devoting a two story tank to just one of each species of fish for decoration.

    They do not seem to have a life cycle or if they do, it's reasonable to assume they could live for perhaps many years in a safe tank with nothing trying to kill them. Some species may take to captivity harder though if it got that in depth and may not last long. I have read that supposedly if the fish tank somehow overpopulated itself that the extra fish start dying and floating to the top but I have never tested this myself. Originally when I built my first aquarium I assumed access would be from the top and so I built a second room above so I could get in but I soon realized that was not the case at all. I to would prefer access in such a way and not from a hatch in the side as that is immersion breaking for me. The impossibility of not having a chamber to fill with water first that allows you to seal off then enter the aquarium or to enter, seal, then drain, then exit seems odd for me. Just opening a side hatch under all that water pressure would force all that water and fish out into the room! Haha. Many players would find a flooding small chamber before being allowed to enter the aquarium or base for that matter a time consuming annoyance sadly so you take what you can get I suppose. A open top to the aquarium though would be a good compromise though that keeps the immersion and does not interrupt the flow much of the impatient gamer who does not like to be slowed down.

    Feeding the fish manually by throwing food at the top of the aquarium could be fun watching them to go feed and give us more to do not to mention being a reasonable requirement to keep animals but would lose its novelty quickly. Having multiple bases especially with nobody but you attending them would get overwhelming keeping fish fed. While this may work early game at a single base a automated fish feeding device mounted to the top of the aquarium that you just have to reload once a week or two and fed them two or three times a day would be far more practical freeing you to continue to explore, quest, gather, and build. While someone like you could just choose to not build the device and continue to hand feed them.
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    if you want to limit the number of each species in an aquarium, simply toss in two fish and let them breed out of control Grab all of them out. Do this for each type of fish you want in the large aquarium. Each time the aquarium fills up you just pull them out and toss them into containers. Then you fill the aquariums back up. Like Dirk said each aquarium adds 10 fish to the population so 2=20 3=30 so on and so forth.

    just for those who don't know, If you place an aquarium under a large room(inside another large room of course) it creates a nice viewing port because the floor will now be glass. They could add a hatch here, though I think it would ruin the view. It would be nice to be able to access the aquarium from the top. I use them as elevators from time to time.

    in my main base I put benches flanking a glass floor aquarium, it's a nice place to watch you fish, It'll be great when we can turn off lights. also being able to control the ambient lighting or even adding blacklights to the aquarium would be nice, a lot of tropical fish aquariums do this.

    so far my favorite fish are the rabbit rays, the shocker, and the hoop fish. Occulus are nice, but they really need a dark place to be viewed properly. I was dissapointed in the jellyrays, they are really cool outside the aquarium, but it's too small for them, their movements are very static and their tails and tendrils don't move properly with all of the tight turns they do. I've basically raised every type of fish you can except the reefback. Once I get another shocker egg I'll fill my aquarium up with them.

    hopefully we'll get larger rooms at some point and be able to create different types of aquariums. small oval wall aquariums, larger central aquariums, rectangular wall aquariums.
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    I know each aquarium is 10 fish, but I already have lockers full of fish, I could remove the lockers to delete all the fish and repeat the process, but when I have 3 story tall aquariums for every type of fish it becomes so laggy I can barely move in my base. Also repeatedly removing the fish is a tedious task.

    Also seeing as I am fascinated with deadly creatures, releasing the into the wild is not exactly an option lol.
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