Time to update the Objectives



  • SupaDupaNoodleSupaDupaNoodle Join Date: 2003-01-12 Member: 12232Members
    Again, I don't think "how to play lifeforms" needs to be addressed immediately.

    The main problem in NS2 is not knowing what you are supposed to be doing when you spawn in. That's why I think it is good to have some easily-checkable objectives and maybe a few seconds "team huddle" time before the match starts. Ideally this would have to be enforced in the game itself, rather than being server-side mod-based.

    After 2-3 weeks we can see if this feature has made things better or not, and can be adjusted/removed as required.
  • AurOn2AurOn2 COOKIES! FREEDOM, AND BISCUITS! Australia Join Date: 2012-01-13 Member: 140224Members, Forum Moderators, NS2 Playtester, Forum staff
    The only way i can think of objectives being implemented is with a rewards system, or they'll be ignored after people realise there's no point to doing them.
    new players, anyway. if the missions are of any importance they'll be done. by the grizzly dude in the back corner drinking by himself, though.
  • aeroripperaeroripper Join Date: 2005-02-25 Member: 42471NS1 Playtester, Forum Moderators, Constellation
    I think the main objective banners are fine. Anything too complex players won't bother to read. A left for dead style dynamic tutorial would work pretty good though, and it was fun to use too.
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