Big building -big lag

mrsnutnut77mrsnutnut77 Uk Join Date: 2016-05-25 Member: 217460Members
Game is cool accept when you get to a certain point or volume of building it becomes so jittery/Laggy that it's difficult to even look in a direction let alone walk or swim. Love the game this needs fixing as limited play when thus happens


  • Dirk_PerfectDirk_Perfect Kentucky Join Date: 2016-05-24 Member: 217411Members
    It's a game in developement, not even in alpha yet so it will only improve as time goes on, all that stuff will become more and more stable as the game moves forward slowly but surely towards completion.
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    I know it's a preview game and even so great concept! I wanted to c if this was a problem experienced by others or if there is a way to avoid this, i am new to subnautica so still learning. I found the lag so bad with progress of my game that I had no other option except starting a new game overwriting the one I had spent time on as it was unplayable.
  • Dirk_PerfectDirk_Perfect Kentucky Join Date: 2016-05-24 Member: 217411Members
    I would keep the base sizes down to as practical as possible if I were you. The bigger you make a base, the worse your frame rate will get. Even once this game is near as optimized as it can be by official launch, it will have build limitations since it's on Xbox. They will likely test build limits someday and either restrict how big the base can be on xbox within a certain area or tell us all to build big at our own risk. I have absolutely run into frame rate issues due to not paying attention to how big I make a base.

    Keep it simple, Make one of each unique room, a storage room or two, a power room, fabricator room with maybe water machine in same room, maybe one or two, 2 story tall aquarium rooms. Should leave it at that and add on if they give us new unique rooms but think maybe in multiple smaller bases spread out all over the map rather then giant bases or at this current stage in development the game will bog down and refuse to let you walk around your oversized base. Each room should have a purpose for the most part and if adding something that has little real use starts to bog the system down then delete the addition and stop building more in that area at least until the latest update and then maybe test again to see if it can handle more building.
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    True, complexity chips away at frame rate quite obviously at some point. I used a freedom slot and started a new save, use debug command "survival" to change to survival mode and in this way saved my first slot and have a new one as well. In the last few days I've taken to playing the frame rate as an in game mechanic lol. Add a room, see how it affects play and if you hit that complexity limit you back away. Currently in my new save i have a moon pool connected to a "T" hallway. One going to a 3 story fish tank(I know 2 would do) and the other going to a 2 story workshop housing lockers, fabricator, water purifier with the top level a small garden with a few fruit and vegetable plants. Also my base is heat powered so there is an observation tube going down to the magma level and an observatory so I can see my thermal generators and power system. I think I'm currently at the limit of what it can handle in Xbone as I can add one more window and see frame rate effected with that one more addition. I'd like to build an overly complicated palace but for now will trade efficiency for a playable game.
  • mrsnutnut77mrsnutnut77 Uk Join Date: 2016-05-25 Member: 217460Members
    Yeah I made a pretty massive complex n came across problems soon as I started stacking rooms etc didn't realise wat the issue was at first carried on building and it got awful so I made a feeble attempt at dismantling some stuff in the hope of it stopping the glitch stuff but failed :( so started again n atleast now I know to keep things stacked max of 2 n not to overfill aquariums or have thong that dnt have eggs so frequent etc ....
  • mrsnutnut77mrsnutnut77 Uk Join Date: 2016-05-25 Member: 217460Members
    Thanku slackerstu and dirk_perfect appreciate the tips ;)
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    I find that if I leave my base and come back it seems to lag out the fps. Save and reload and frames seem fine. Memory dump issue. I have 3*2 story aquariums, a fabrication room 2 single story storage rooms an outdoor garden with 4 foundations and 6 beds, an observatory and a moonpool. If I load in my base it runs fine.
  • mrsnutnut77mrsnutnut77 Uk Join Date: 2016-05-25 Member: 217460Members
    Do u think saving at the base is a way to minimise the lag?
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