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hi first time poster here, hope this is a good place for this.

First off, this game rocks!

but i feel it has such incredible potential for a deep (pun?) universe and story.

the moment i started playing this (4 days ago) i have been intrigued by the whole story section that said the ship crashed because of some sort of energy pulse, since then all i thought about was:
is there some sort of civilization on this ocean planet that shot it down? is the civilization purely aquatic? are they deep down and similar to the abyss movie creatures? .... my mind spun off on this while i played.

but it made me want to imagine some sort of intelligent species (i know, what does intelligent necessarily mean) in which i thought the basis of what we may deem intelligent is any lifeform that is both social via some sort of communication, and utilizing tools to for various goals.

and so i decided to whip out some zbrush and mess around.

tho this visual concept may not be that cool (nor even the ultra advanced civilization creatures i was imagining at first), i was hoping it would start some discussion of pack animals and smart attacks on the player, and who/what caused the energy pulse.

now im thinking these creatures should be only slightly bigger than a human, their threat is in numbers and coordination only.


Things i think these inteligent species should do.
Work as a team to attack either the player/player base, or (even more interestingly) some other creatures like a gasopod, stalker, sandshark, or crabsnake.
use tools to do it, like picking up using stalker teeth, gasopod thingys, crashs, or even using floaters to lift a rock over your base and then drop it via detaching the floaters.
talk to eachother in some way, players could here squeeks or chirps or something in the distance and know that the Natives are nearby.
ambush the player or other creatures, they could spawn directly out of the sand like a sandshark.
domestication, they could herd schools of fish (like a shepard), or maybe harmlessly harvest something from reefbacks (like their version of milk from cows)
exploitation, they could harvest materials, which could be an interesting twist for the player having competition for ore or other resources.

i think alot of these ideas are pretty intense so i can understand it not making it in the game, but i think dealing with intelligent beings in some fashion is a necessity later in the game.

thx :)

Just gonna say. Ive seen this a million times so stop saying you all came up with it. But 1 i think there should be a much larger land mass with a land variant on it with small structres and you can see them running around farming using tools etc etc... Much like humans they could have clothing and be actually intelligent like a human not just intelligent so it knows how to use stalker teeth as knifes but actually make stalker teeth into knifes. THey could walk around on the leg looking things and use the arms and well.... arms. But i think it would be a cool idea to have a large land mass + more land creatures (+ better land terrain movemnt)


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    First off,maybe provide concept art?Or format it nicely so it is easier to read your post.Right now its a mess of 2 different points in one paragraph.

    Secondly,larger islands with freshwater creatures and land creature will be added in.Though it wont be a large island with advanced civilizations on it,it would have basic life forms,like amphibians.

    About the Land Natives,the planet is covered in water,with only a few islands that aren't even that big.Why would a race evolve an extremely rare trait like intelligence? Right now,it would be more advantaegous to have intelligent life forms underwater.The surface lifeforms would be mostly advanced flora and simple fauna,as the Islands are simply too small and have too little resources to support any sort of advanced life.

    Besides,We only need 1 intelligent race in the game anyway,as the Warpers/Precursors are going to be an intelligent race that have bases all over the world.
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