Item find of the day.

killenjokekillenjoke Join Date: 2016-05-19 Member: 216997Members
I figured I'd start a thread for the rare, unusually and sometimes buggy items people find throughout the the aquatic world of subnautica.

I'll start by back dating a really weird piece I found yesterday. not only was the item weird, but the location was a bit... odd, and the method of obtaining it was a little strange for Subnautica.

yesterday, while exploring I found a strange half finished wreck. floating doors, metal beams in the sky, electrical wires to no where, it was a bit trippy. amidst this physics defying wreckage I found the Natural selection II poster. which is simply picked up and placed, which is a bit out of the norm for subnautica. the location is just at the edge of the shallows perpendicular to the lower engine.

currently my xbox won't screenshot or record clips of subnautica ,I'd like to add pics of the location and the poster in my base, but unfortunately I can't.

I've also found one of the rarest Items in subnautica right now.... crash powder, but only one. got to make this welder last. lol.
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