Major bugs

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ok first off bug list

crash powder bug

aurora not blowing up bug(this one sucks as it prevents fragments and wrecks from spawning)

i have started my game over many many times even uninstalled it and reinstalled it deleted save data and everything it refused to blow up and i can't find crash powder


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    Lol just lost a fully loaded cyclops with lockers and a fabricator. The game hadn't finished loading the area i was in and one of those blue floaters spawned inside my sub and now my sub is violently shaking and rolls upside down to where im walking on the ceiling. And yes my fully loaded prawn suit was inside, i was able to get to it and deployed upside down. So I've lost both my sub and prawn suit in a 3 day 13hour 36 minute game. I am not restarting or rebuilding all that stuff because the devs can't release a working game. It will just happen again.
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    On ps4 subnautica I've been having bugs where the game would crash ever hour, seamoth breaks the game making the world not render if you see this please fix this oh and lag but I can deal with lag so that's not a big deal
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