Allow shuffle vote anytime

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I cannot join a faction that have more player than the other faction.
The game will even prevent me from spawning if the games gets too uneven in players.
However I can stack with my hive skill as much as I like, even mid game.
How is that?

In my experience a hive skill difference more than 200 between the 2 factions, gives a very predictable victory.
(and equally predictable comments of how this was the worst team ever, dont ppl check the hive scores?)
So I rather play a game of same hive scores than same number of ppl (within reason).

I could suggest, instead of disallowing ppl to join based on ppl count, then disallow based on hive score.
However I dont see any way of implementing this in a reasonable way at warm up,
so perhaps only disallow that when game has started?

That suggestion is probably controversial, so I will instead suggest following;
Allow shuffle vote at anytime (perhaps only if hive skill is too uneven).

A mid game shuffle vote should try to shuffle fewest possible players
(perhaps only latest X joined, as it is seldom that games start uneven).

The suggestion probably harmless, as ppl can f2 as they do with map votes mid game.


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    I believe this already exists as a shine plug in. I know I have seen a server do something similar.
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    The Right answer to this problem is that shuffle/balance/forceeven/whatever should be on by default. Yeah, if anything you should have to vote to turn balancing off (or admin sets tournament/captains mode).

    Raises a few questions to be sure--how best to systematically handle leavers and joiners and all that. But these are solvable problems and even a half-baked shot at it would be miles ahead of the way it works now.
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