Shine Shortbreak

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Dear All,

I just released another small shine plugin.
NS2 Shine ShortBreak

This plugin add a button to allow players to take a "short break" and to be immune for a maximum of 5 minutes from afkkick plugin.

When you click on the button you are put into spectator team. When you join a team after your break the immunity is revoked.

This plugin require Shine mod enabled on the server to be able to run. You also need to add the plugin in your shine/BaseConfig.json, under the "ActiveExtensions" add: "shortbreak":true

!!!Because the plugin inherit from the default afkkick plugin, !!!you need to disable it in your shine/BaseConfig.json (or via the shine adminmenu) !!! "ActiveExtensions" set: "afkkick":false else the plugin will remain disabled.

The plugin use the afkkick.json configuration file.

This Plugin is under development, Please report any issue. The plugin is available in github: If you are looking for documentation about shine in general, take a look here:

Recommandation: People taking a break should be immune to shuffle, thus you should edit the VoteRandom.json and set "IgnoreSpectators" to true.

TODO list:

Add translations
Add configurations options to change the afktime

Version: 0.1: First version 0.2: Fix conflict problem with afkkick.


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    Finally a pee break plugin, now that the in between maps loading times so short.
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    You just make me think that I need to prevent the player from being randomized :expressionless:
    The easiest way is probably to simply put it in spectator instead of RR. ==> change done
    However is putting the player in spectator has also side effect.
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