Don't know who will get to read this

3X4L73X4L7 Join Date: 2014-06-13 Member: 196510Members
I just wanted to say I was right the whole time.

Even if you didn't know it yourself...

Not much to fight about. I will be here when you go to lie again...

I will be waiting for you to start again.

That dishonest crap you did to me through deception and lies lies lies.

Stick to F2P, UWE has made it's history.

UWE has no honor. Has nothing to be prideful of. It has cheated and stomped on every achievement gained.

I'm sure you're not done selling out. While you're too busy doing what ever the crap you're doing... I hope someone steals this fire from you.

At the rate you move, it seems assured.
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