What happened to the checkins?

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The checkins went pretty dead silent for a month or two or so, and got a burst of activity (about 4 things), and are now silent again. Prior, they were bustling at times, especially around stuff like before H2.0.

Could a dev or someone share why it's gone inactive?

My guess might be because of trello. But then, trello was in use before it went silent.


  • ChaosKnight626ChaosKnight626 MinnesotaMembers Join Date: 2015-08-05 Member: 206783Posts: 434 Advanced user
    My guess is that if they continued using the checkins we'd get spoiled to little things they'll add into updates or story info, but until the devs say otherwise I'll hold me peace on it. I'd tag them to draw their attention to it but I don't want to be disrespectful
  • LeonDOGELeonDOGE FranceMembers Join Date: 2016-01-16 Member: 211525Posts: 175 Advanced user
    Follow Trello instead!
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    A bug appeared in our source control software a little while ago which meant the system that sent checkin messages to the website couldn't be used. We had to disable it to keep our source control stable. That little burst of activity you saw was testing a potential fix. I don't know when the checkin messages will be back, but their absence doesn't mean we've changed our policy on open development, just that we had to turn this one thing off for the sake of stability.
  • ChrisFoChrisFo Germany/SaxonyMembers Join Date: 2016-03-23 Member: 214728Posts: 126 Advanced user
    I hope the Developers bring the CheckIns back very soon and they can fix it.
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