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Hi everyone,

I just released the first version of "JoinTeam".
You can find it here:
NS2 Shine JoinTeam

version 0.1

The goal of this mod/plugin is to improve the team balance. It restricts the team a player can join depending on the teams averages skills, and on the skill of the player itself.

This plugin require Shine mod enabled on the server to be able to run. You also need to add the plugin in your shine/BaseConfig.json, under the "ActiveExtensions" add: "JoinTeam":true

The plugin applies the following rules on a player who is trying to join a team. (The rules are checked from top to down, until one of them match)

let him always join the team with the less players
let him join the team of his choice if the balance of both team improve or stay equal
let him join only the team where he improves the balance / block the opposite team
let him join only the team where he does less damage to the balance, if the balance decrease in either team / block the opposite team

let him join anyteam if all above failed. (bots, playerskill=-1, damage to balance is equal for both team)

Don't block anyone from joining spectator and ready room
Admins and all kind of votes can ovveride the above rules and force the player team


This plugin depends on the Hive skill system and cannot be better than the system itself --> not recommended on rookie server
The hive system need a lot of time to get an accurate player skill, players coming back after XX/2014 will also start at 1000 skill point instead of 0.
This plugin let players choose their teams and the balance obtained will be less precise than a shuffle.
The current calculation will lead to strange result with bots.

This Plugin is under development, Please report any issue. The plugin is available in github:

known issues:

NS2 vote randomize ready room will problably not work properly
The plugin set bots skill to 750. This influence the team average skills.
Some People might be able to join a team, because the plugin was not able to get their skill , or their skill is equal to -1.

TODO list:

The skill calculation/displayed should be coherent with NS2+ scoreboard, regarding bots and defaultskill=750 parameter
restrict the case where a player want to join the team with less people but decrease balance. Depending on the number of people in RR, and the skill of those peoples.

Note: Test folder comes from Shine github repository and is only present on github.

However I don't own any server to test it. And any feedback is more than welcome!
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