Best place to report development issues?

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I wonder what is the best place to report issues in the game that negatively affect localization. I have already reported one suggestion is userreport and reported several bugs in the general forum thread. There are more issues to report, for example the Hive Challenge strings are not in the translation system at all.

I wonder where to report these issues so that:
* the developers will surely notice
* it is actionable (posts in forums are not actionable, unless a developer converts them into tickets in some ticketing system, otherwise things get forgotten - but how can I check that?)
* people can see progress/resolution
* it's possible for me/someone else to add further info if needed

Can I report such issues directly into the developers Trello board? Or maybe create a separate localization category in the userreport system?



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    Generally speaking, the best route to report bug is to join the Playtesting team. That might not be the answer you were looking for, but it is by far the most effective.

    You can view the existing bugs on our new Bug Board (trello) here:
    It's new, so it is missing all the old data from our previously used bug-tracker. By looking at that, and the combination of our planning board ( ) you can get a pretty good idea of what's actively being worked on. We will not be opening up trello to public-editing, as that can create a lot of potential white noise and require we spend a lot more time on "bookkeeping" rather than working on the game. Feel free to message any of the Developers or Playtest leads on Discord, if there is a specific bug report you have.

    Pertaining to the Hive Challenge strings, yes, they are not part of the main translation files. This is a byproduct of how that mode was developed (as a mod). I need to do some usage checks to see how often and how many players are playing Hive Challenge. If it pans out, we can definitely look into improving it (which would include translations).
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    OK, I will continue to report issues I see and hope that developers act on it. If it seems nobody noticed and the issue is a showstopper, I'll try to ping developers on Discord.

    The remaining question is, where do you suggest it's most helpful to create these localization-related reports? Here, as new threads in the Translation forum section, or in the userreport system?
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