Making aliens more fun

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Now that you made exos more fun, how about aliens. No not the gorge, but the main alien the skulk. Why? To make more people "want" to join aliens. Some people are forced to join aliens, because of balance.

Fun things that don't unbalance the game.
-Long range wolf like howl that isn't annoying.
-Visual taunt like the skulk is shaking his head.
-A ducking/crawling/pouncing movement like what cats and lions do. It makes a smaller target at long range and it helps to hide behind things.


  • ZdrytchXZdrytchX Australia Join Date: 2016-02-06 Member: 212662Members
    edited April 2016
    The bite range is just short for my comfort and feels a bit slow (a marine who ditched their rifle can run faster than a running skulk with no buffs) and the speed gain from strafe jumping makes the effort almost worthless.
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