I'd like to create a mod that:

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Limits the number of skins in the game for the client using the mod. It's not for computer performance, although it could be...

I'm personally tired of the new skins. I'm tired of extra cammoflauge. I'm tired of the insensitivity to my color blindness.

I'm expecially tired of trying to make this happen for all the new players by trying to discuss my point of P2smug,

so I desire to fix the issue for myself and allow others to find the workshop mod (for their own reasons).

I haven't made a mod, What am I getting into, where do I start, and am I disillusion about how simple this is to maybe create?


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    Ns2 never knew a mod which can disable custom skins but technically that possible BUT that will be a server mod so unlikely someone will run this
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    Crosshair mods seem just as custom to me. By comparison of what others think, they would have more effect

    but I know this is not part of consistancy checking.
    Since, I would only want to use a skin already in use (default, deluxe, black or just default for simplicity)...
    "model" might have been the wrong term...

    Such seems more legit than playing with the J13 elite cross hair mod.
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