Gravity Anchor on life pod

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I posted this on another tread.

Maybe we can turn the Gravity anchor on/off in a the future updates.

Would be cool to attach a tow rope and pull life pod, with the seamoth to a base. Pushing it is a pain in the fins.


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    I previously thought about it like you, but after all i thik: after building fully equipped base FOR WHAT lifepod is?
  • eastofdeatheastofdeath usa Join Date: 2016-02-28 Member: 213559Members
    The only thing I can think of is a free beacon. After I set up a base in deeper waters, now I just let it go.
    I use to push it back and fence it in near my starter base. And I am guessing a lot of people hated it floating off.

    The Gravity anchor is a new element in the game, one more thing in the sandbox, and early on I don't make many beacons, saving my copper for batteries, until I build up a surplus. So would be nice to push it to a spot of my choosing.
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    So I searched for "LifePod" to try and figure out a way to just delete or "deconstruct" the pod after I got 50+ hours in. After the final official release, Life Pods no longer wander off and thats a good fix. My issues are I built my main base right near the LifePod and while I look towards its location (50 meters away) it causes a great deal of frame stutter. Have tried turning the marker on and off but nothing seems to help. Being able to move the LifePod would be an AWESOME idea, as it would allow for the best temp base for immersion. I am going to start a new thread asking Devs to at least allow a console command to remove the Life Pod. Thx guys, if this had RPG elements for your character, this game would easily be a "Game of the Year". Played a ton of great RPG's before they were cool and Subnautica is INCREDIBLE.

    Sorry for the Necro, this was the only thread that was close to what I am requesting.
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