"DLC/expansion concept" all out war.

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Ok, I know the game is old but I have an idea that might bring things back, how about a DLC which expands on both sides significantly adding new ways to play and new toys.

Yeah I know general idea, might not work, but hey this gives me an excuse to make a idea post.

ideas for Humans


med kit
info: cheep early game unlock, allows players to heal each other over time, not as effective as dropped med kits but allow for healing in situations in which the commander may need to keep their res.
slot: grenade

info: a late game weapon, it is a hand held version of the exosuit rail guns, the difference being that it fire much slower and has a 3 round mag.
slot: primary
primary: charge/fire
secondary: sensor zoom (gives a small scoped in view that allows you to see any marked enemies even through walls.

info: a mobile metal shield that can be welded to the ground, to block alien movement. this barricade is just big enough to block most vents and can be welded to vents to slow down alien movement.
slot: secondary
health: 200


rifle bayonet
info: doubles range and damage of rifle butt at the cost of making it slower, great for taking out cysts in one or two hits.
applied to: shotgun, rifle.

black napalm
info: increases flamethrower damage and allows users to make fire walls that will damage anything that enters it similar to the umbra effect.


inviromental suit
info: a free early game armor, cuts your armor in half but makes you imune to any alien debuff such as umbra or parisites.

info: a tripod version of the exosuit meant for late game stale mate breaking, this heavy ordenance craft has 2 miniguns and a back mounted grenade launcher, holding 2x the health of a standard exosuit it is a beast to behold.
primary: dual miniguns (overheats)
secondary: launch grenade (have 10, and you can burn through them quickly)
down side: doesn't have a jump.

Unlike the humans the kharaa would get a boost in the form of 2 new aliens and several new abilities.


CRAB(name temp)
info: An 8 legged slow moving support alien that does little damage to soldiers but has the unique ability to EMP buildings and soak up fire like no tomorrow. The crab is the only kharaa lifeform with more health then an onos but it is less of a threat to a human team as it is slow moving and deals little damage.
1. claw, low damage fast moving
2. EMP, shell splits and slams back in on its self disabling any human buildings in a moderate range, scary thing is this has been shown to stop exosuits in their track as their hud will go dark (though they can sill move)
3. entrench, only on infestation entrench allows the crab to blind in and vanish, as well as trippling their health and armor for a time.

info: A NPC alien summoned from crags mites act similar to bablers only mites can climb walls and hide in infestation, the mites would be the commanders cheepest defense option as they have a number of uses.
use one: healing dust, much like gorges ability to heal mites can heal other lifeforms the only down side is to do this they explode.
use two: umbra spread: this is thier biggest use as a commander can send them to a location and tell them to infest the air making it toxic to the human soldiers.


gas vent(name pending)
info: a moderate cost vent that spews out toxic gas this gas is almost impossible to see through for human players and deals damage (lower then the gas) this and the mites an make an area nearly impossible for the human soldiers to take unless they have environmental suits.

metal eating
info: a upgrade for kharaa that would allow them to heal equal to damage they do to armor and buildings.

note: yeah, this is more or less a post with out thought, I am just getting out ideas and I know none of these will happen. the game is to far past its release and I highly doubt a full on expansion will happen this late in.


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    How do you think this should "bring things back"?
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    mostly cause large updates even far off tend to revive intrest, that and it has been working for the age of empires games.

    though yeah I shouldn't have posted this, was a half assed list of ideas.
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