Opening game from steam lag?

paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
I'm not sure if this has been asked before or not but.....

Is there anything that can be done about the LONG load time when opening the game.
It can take anywhere from 15min up to 48min to load the main menu screen when opening the game.
(Before you go off asking about my specs) I am using about 40% of my total ram, 16% of my total cpu, and 5% of my total disk transfer capacity at the time of loading. While playing the game I am using about 25-30% of my total cpu, less than 20% of my total disk transfer, and up to 70% of my total ram. I have an intel hd video card that is able to run any version of directx (up to directx 11) and i have also downloaded and installed all versions of it (directx) to make sure that I can run any of my games at the highest capacity without having to emulate the lower (older) versions of directx. I am running 4gb ddr3 ram and have a 2.4ghz quad core intel cpu. I have the game installed on a SSD drive and my os (windows 10) on a regular hdd to allow my games to run at the fastest capacities.


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