Team looking for players - All skill levels - NA&EU

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I am looking for members to fill up a roster of atleast 6. Focus will be PCW, and maybe if people are up for it, the upcoming season. The main target is to be active in the competitive scene, not nessesarily compete.

I require you to be:
-Speaking English and be somewhat fluent
-Available for scrims atleast 2 times a week
-Have time for additional training on top of 2 times a week
-Have the ability to have fun while playing and training ns2 with a competitive mindset

if you are a newcomer, or a low level player, if you are able to prove within a short period of time, that you are able to both learn fast and listen to your peers, I will gladly have you join.

Living in EU is not a requirement, but we will be going by EU times and scheduels.

Send me a msg here, on this topic, or on steam with information about you, and what you play, and your prior experience in competitive ns2, if any.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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