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Idea One

Restoring ecosystem balance.
Or changing it to your specifications.

I think the aurora's presence in the ocean where it is, overtime should cause some big problems and I think it would be a fun simple mission to be alerted to shifts in the ecosystem due to the presence of you, your escape pod, and the aurora and not fixing the problem wouldn't be a big deal, but it would be interesting to workout a way to fix the ecosystem there, maybe by setting up a water filtration to remove radiation, maybe by only eating certain types of animals, or releasing animals from other biomes or areas to different areas, or remote sections, or even a mechanic to try and increase biodiversity by distributing life, eggs, DNA, et-cetera....then over time some life spawns in, and if there isn't a true food chain there, then the life you brought there will die.

Idea Two

Save the babies quest.
I think that the aurora should have a delayed emergency distress, so after a while, like ten days or when your player is technologically ready to take on the quest.

So a distress goes out and you find out that babies have been alive on the aurora and the last humans taking care of them on the crashed ship gave all their food to them so they could live.

It would add a kind of colonial feel if you find out there are babies and adults and even children gave all their food to keep them alive, it would be very grim, extremely grim, but it would make the game interesting, in terms of story, because it would mean you are officially colonizing the planet.
It would also make the character have more responsibility, and even if you don't have models for the babies, you could make incubator pods and just say children are in them.

Have the fabricator hooked up to the pods and take care of yourself, or people you find who are in cryopods because their injuries were so severe after and during the crash that they froze themselves. Or instead no one dies, save for a small group of caretaker people, and it is your job to find a way to revive them.

It would be a good idea, because the game is kinda boring once you get to a technological point in the game where everything is easy, and you have nothing to do.

Idea Three

Save the pod!
Escape pod morphing.

It would be nice if your escape pod crashed so hard and so fast it was embedded in clay or the sand underwater and unable to float to the top because it is stuck and you have to get it out.

I think your escape pod should land and stay stuck in the sand when you first arrive on the planet, then once you dig it out, it begins to inflate and float the the surface. A small mission for the beginning of the story, if the game started at night and gave the character a sense of urgency to finish their first mission....otherwise it is kinda lacking in missions.

Also I would like to see evidence of other escape pods, even if they are vacant. Or at least evidence that other people survived, but you never see them, or droids that were on the ship, either destroyed or trying to repair the ship, very slowly, because that is their job as repair droids.

But over the course of like fifty in-game days you see that the droids are making progress but also being destroyed quickly by ingame creatures, so you have to repair the droids you find, or keep them safe. Since repairing or having the option to repair the ship should be available. Or colonizing it, or leaving a colony behind of either humans, or machines...and you have the chance to take off and leave, or just keep the aurora in orbit and instead of leaving you build a space elevator and begin forming a very advanced but small colony of people in cryopods, or just machines.

Idea Four

"Sea-bullet" and "research Yacht" and-or detachable base command center.

I like the idea of a fast, slender torpedo like craft, either with or without a window, just an open cockpit, that can inflate it's sides on a moments notice to rise quickly to the surface and-or become a very speedy hovercraft.

Sounds pointless, but I will say it:
Research yacht!
A yacht that sails around rapidly, but is also like a base of operations that can come with you. Exploring the planet not just a part of it.

I like building stuff and structures, little bases, or enormous ones, but I feel like maybe there should be a way to really explore the science side of it, form a codex, and have your yacht find out cool nifty things about the biology of the animals there. So it wouldn't be durable at all, but it would be for collecting information and studying things....and a real kind of home that could sink and merge onto your base and float when you want to take off and move it.

Idea Five


When you die you should stay dead...and your game should begin from the perspective of a survivor elsewhere or on the wreckage of the aurora, then you can find all your former characters belongings and start fresh from there. This would add depth, because it would make you realize other people survived. It would be nice if you could freeze your former dead character, put them in a cryopod, and then find a way to revive them.

It would be a way to incorporate N.on-P.layable-C.haracters into the game, almost like a reward for dying, but not a punishment or a good thing either, but like a way to keep the sizzle alive.

Idea Six

Audio logs. Hacking...repairing.

I am not sure I want more content per se. I want missions, storyline, depth. This is an adventure game, I know that....but I think the game needs to drop off audio logs or allow the character to hack the aurora when he-she gets it partially operational, seeking out terminals and getting to hear, learn, and understand what happened to the people, or even find out people just died, or are trapped in a part of the ship you cannot reach, or if you did try to reach it, it could break open a hatch and kill all the people in there trying to stay alive.

Let me know anyone's thoughts, speak freely and ask anything.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Also be critical and tell me your thoughts.
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