hive skill 0 or 1k?

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Dear All,

A long time ago (last year), the hive skills points were reset and everyone have been granted with a skill of 1K.
Now it's Christmas, a lot of new fresh players comes to ns2 and are ready to enjoy games surrounded by veteran stacker.

Hopefully, the vote force even team exists and on most servers the shuffle vote too.
Ouf, rookies are saved or maybe not?

Indeed a problem exist, if a rookie earned 1k skill after +- 50 (assumption) games won, he will be significantly better than the others rookies that come back after the hive reset.
is it really a big problem? Well yes it is.

To make a point, let's imagine a server 18 slots.
Composed with:
1 player with 2K skill
2 rookies with 1k skill
and 15 real rookies (0).

Guess the result of a shuffle vote? And the result of the round.
Well OK the 2k vet should not be there, but let's do the same with 2 players with 1k3 (instead of 1 players 2k) and we obtain the same result one game on

Another assumption:
2 players with 1k skill earned
2 rookies with 1k skill
14 real rookies (0)

Let's again image the result of a shuffle, we will have 1 round on 2 with the two no so rookies players in the same team.

Finally and it's only let's imagine that i am a veteran and i have lost my steam account what happens if i come back to the game?
I will have a skill of 0 and all 100-200games following will not be even.

Below you can find some screens with the two types of rookies, one that get a free 1k skill and another that is still blocked to 0 after +-20 games recorded
(yep that's another problem, normally if the algorithm works, his probability of winning is not 0 and thus he should not have a skill of 0 )

PS: my point of view is that hive skill with is current formula based on the winning probability mostly work well macroscopically but give a lot of unexpected results microscopically.


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