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Right now is the perfect time to start your own career as a commander. No raging pros, many greenies. Saw a guy, Daavster, 13 hours, and already commanding like he had 500 hours. START NOW! Feel free to ask questions and give tips!


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    I actually tend to command a lot during rookie waves as the straightlining skulks do nothing good form my accuracy training. (I start taking weak opponents for granted and then meet someone who aint a rookie and well...)
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    I dont believe so. He was good, but he lacked awareness. 500 hours would give you SOME awareness, in most cases.
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    Some tips? Okay! Ummmmm......oh! Here's one!

    Don't panic.

    Many times I've seen new commanders leave mid-game due to players expecting them to have lighting-fast skills. Sure if you're new you should practice on a rookie server,but even then I see Pub-stompers yelling at rookies because they "can't play." IT'S A ROOKIE SERVER! ROO KIE So many potential comms have been yelled at for practicing with actual players! Where else are they supposed to go?!

    Now,there is one case where you can leave mid-game as comm.......if they're all being true honest butthurt jerks. Trust me,you can tell the difference between someone who's had a bad day,and someone who has nothing better to do but be a jerk. They don't deserve you! Leave em!

    That doesn't mean leave if one person yells at you though (even though they shouldn't be yelling at a new comm in the first place.)

    Even I panic sometimes! Usually when I go crag first and everyone is like "CHOOSE SHIFT YOU IDIOT"...........needless to say all times I've chosen crag we won with little to no trouble.

    So just calm down,maybe state that you're new to this,and relax! Any potential comm who is reading this.....

    you're gonna lead so many teams to victory. :wink:

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