Survey: Server Bandwidth

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The default bandwidth limit per client connection is currently 25 KB/s which is in some situation too low and causes choking. We are currently looking into increasing the default bandwidth limit.

But to make a accurate decision we have to know what kind of bandwidth the average NS2 server has.

So i made a short survey to find that out:

Thanks for participating!


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    I can easily give NS2 as much bandwidth as it wants but I do worry about blowing out clients during map change and causing some users to get load locked.
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    You are confusing me now though. Both documentation about the advanced rates (the ones matso wrote) as the shine page on changing rates, speak of 25 KB/s).
    But you just typed 20. (details hmm)

    On to the survey <3

    >edit, I will actually do the survey later because the hosts have been making changes lately and I can not remember.
    Also is do you mean bandwidth per physical host or per server running ON the physical host?
    Because technically all our servers on one host can use all the bandwidth.<

    >edit 2.
    I filled in the total upload bandwidth of our bandwidth-weakest servers (the LU). If the devs want to know more accurate values just give me a poke. :) <
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