Trim Tool Server Update

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Hi everyone,

The Trim Tool has gone out to app 4920 in a micro update. This tiny little update should be able to coexist with Build 277. You might have received an email from Dillon saying 'please update servers!' for the Trim Tool.

We decided to run the update at minimum player count time, which is about now. That means Brock, who is the authority on the state of the build, is asleep. It's just me up pressing the buttons. We've produced this update using a new build system called Sky Marshal.

In Steam, I can't see a 4940 server build that corresponds to our 4920 build. I probably just misunderstood which build was ok to push. Rather than risking pushing something out I shouldn't, I'm going to leave 4940 un-updated, and rely on the fact that the update is compatible with 277.

Obviously this is all a bit of a poop situation. I'm sure Brock will resolve it when he wakes up. Working through kinks like this is exactly why we've chosen such a tiny change, and released it at such a low point in player numbers. We're learning by doing, and making mistakes.

- Hugh

Edit, PS, should have put a link in for context:


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