Nature/eco disasters

OxraiderOxraider Join Date: 2015-05-16 Member: 204554Members
isn't it strange it's always sunny and calm night time on an enormous oceanic planet lkke this one ?

i say we need eco/nature disaster wich would migrate groups of fish to (maybe empty habitats we already ate) new habitats and would add an awesome new feature to the game too.

also this could make us explore new places more because it is occurring at the moment.

And maybe eco disasters too like somekind of big scary hunting fish that moves from time to time to new places on the map and therefor fishes have to move.

this would also add a surprise feature to the game because you never know wether that cave you visited an hour ago is still as same as before since a big scary hunting fish could habitat that cave now :)

Grtz Oxraider


  • Morphine04Morphine04 UK Join Date: 2015-12-02 Member: 209672Members
    I love the idea of bringing a richer environment with more realism. I would like to see more danger aligned with roaming or hidden large creatures. Maybe a huge eel that relocates once the food dies out. You could develope stealthed water shielding to study them up close.
  • emersonmarshallemersonmarshall Brazil Join Date: 2015-12-18 Member: 210064Members
    Yes, great idea. A rough seas, rain, thunder and attacks on their base. Of course it would be nice to build robots or defense turrets and you handle media to sound an alarm. If you were out, the robots would come into action and would be alerted by an alarm or something. So we would have to go back to base to help defend.
  • nittelsnittels Austria Join Date: 2015-12-27 Member: 210441Members
    Less is more. I can live with no changing weather. But an earthquake would be cool. It could be lokalized and if you have a base in this region you would have to repair them calculated on the structure strength with your tool. If there are natural desasters make them very seldom, maybe optional.
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