Swim too Fast

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I see no one else mentioning it, but we need to seriously tone down the swimming speeds in this game. the seaglide goes faster then a human can hold on realistically. When we start, we may as well be born fish, and fins seem superfluous. Who needs a seamoth for more then a packing container when your so fast you outswim it.. Come on, this is the ocean, we do have water resistance, and the faster you go, the far worse it gets. Before we get fins, we should be slow in the water, with us before hand going maybe half a meter a second, and after going 2-3 meters a second, seaglide can be adjusted, and I don't mean numbers indefinitely without variation, but it's starting to get annoying how fast we are in survival. You don't have to do as serious a positioning as you really would by free diving. To offset the oxygen issue, the tank cap could increase, but the speed is just ridiculous now :/ . We start our adventure without equipment. We are still human, we have to obey certain flaws of our physiology, even our poor lost soul of the Aurora.


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    I don't see any proplem with the swim speeds in this game. I like them as they are.
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    The speed is OK. Sure, it's not exactly realistic, but the amount of oxygen we can store in a tank is also appropriately smaller. For gameplay reasons taking three minutes to reach 200 meters would basically kill the game, it would just be plain boring.

    I'd also like to point out that in pretty much every game out there the walking speed and running speed is riddiculously high, too. It's just not fun taking 10 minutes to walk down the street.
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    When/if UWE ever adds modding to SN, I hope that various mods, include something like the "Diving Realism" mod, can be added. This way players who do enjoy that part of the diving experience more could partake if they so desire.
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    You're right, but it's a game and balance within the game must be considered. As it stands, the player is already severely limited on how deep they can dive and how long they stay under until they get oxygen tanks and fins. Decreasing swim speed would simply slow down the early stage of the game way too much.

    Additionally, we don't know what the gravity is like on this planet, nor the water's density or player's buoyancy. It may be much easier to swim in this world.
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