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Hello everyone, I came here looking for help, I used to play this epic game few years ago and I loved it so much, I decided to get back in to it again, the thing is there are only few servers left and most of them are empty, so i found a german server that has 18 ppl online, but when i try to connect to it it gives me this message "Steam validation rejected" is there a way to fix this? Or maybe there are other active servers that I dont know of. Thank you guys in advance im realy looking forward to get a reply to this post.

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    We do need to ask where you bought the game, this is related to an issue over a year ago if I recall correctly. There was a store which offered NS2 Steam keys for a very low price, those were illegally obtained and sold to unsuspecting customers.

    The only place you could've bought a valid Steam key was on,, via a Humble Bundle or on the Steam Store itself, could it be you are one of the duped customers, who bought it from a third party retailer? These keys have been disabled, because they were in violation with the Steam user/licence agreement. I'm summoning @Hugh and @AceDude in here, they should be able to give more information on this subject, if this is the case...

    That put aside though, it could be something very simple as in the Steam servers or Workshop servers being in maintenance mode. NS2 is dependent on these servers for validation, to be able to join a server. These maintenance times are usually during the night of Tuesday/Wednesday and tend to last from 10 minutes up to an hour (more or less)

    The moment I'm writing this there are 85 servers online with around 9 populated servers located in Europe (30-85ms ping from the Netherlands)

    During the week this tends to be about 3-7 populated EU servers, depending on time of day

    Alright, ignore the bit above here, I'll just leave it there in case someone wants NS2 information on this issue. I did not notice you posted in the Natural Selection 1 forum. As far as I can see there are 5 servers online, one of which located in Europe. However I can connect to all of those servers.

    I'm not sure as to why you cannot connect, but have a vague guess... NS used to require after a fresh install of the mod that you at least run the Half-Life hazard course once to be validated as a mod (or something weird), maybe try that and if this isn't the case I'm kinda at a loss for what to do next...
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