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    Sorry for the empty reply, I need to make a post somewhere and wait a day before I can start a new topic to log a bug
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    hi guys! i am really excited to be included in this chat! i got the cure for Kharaa, and decided not to build the rocket, and to just stay in-game and mess around. Right now i am on a quest to find all the eggs, so i can make habitats in alien containment facilities, and make an entire zoo!!
  • SamtoesSamtoes 51301Members Join Date: 2019-04-16 Member: 252357Posts: 12 Fully active user
    also i think i am going to change my profile picture from seacrown to enzyme 42.
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    Just fell through the floor in the alien gun bay I’m pissed. After using the portal to get all the way back up just have to go do all that again. No sir I’m done playing. I’m legit sorry you guys push this game so far has so many problems it’s a problem itself now just scrap it
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    Who else thinks we should be able to display coordinates on consoles? Without coordinates all the videos and sites with information are useless because all of them use a coordinate system.
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    Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing the Discord; it's great to see such an active community. Happy to be here!
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