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    OldBuzz wrote: »
    just back after around 5 years need to try how to play, can't believe I joined way back in 2005

    I been playing since 05-06. Cant believe its been that long
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    Got the game a few days back after a lot of vids from The Mighty Jingles along with a few others, namely Jacksepticeye with some by Christopherodd and have to say I like what I see.

    There are a few smaller things to address for smoothness sakes that would be great to see,
    along with lag matters / optimizations but as a whole it's amazing how much we can do in time.

    *(as for some of those ideas)
    We need a "remote piloting / autopilot" feature for Vehicle AI as maybe an Upgrade,
    and it would be nice if where things can be built there was more of a "grid" for surfaces like with when building the actual bases structures, where when making Lockers and such it would "snap to."
    It can take a while to place things more than it would if things inside made also were on more of a grid.
    (For us with varying levels of OCD it can be fun yet an issue to get things "just right," lolz)

    Overall great "Maker-Builder/Survival" game and I love what might come in future DLC expansions.
    ^-^ (like say, you get the Neptune made and with it can instead send out a satellite for info),
    For real, to gain post-game optional missions and data for the long awaited Atlas Sup along with an Amphibious class of vehicles to go exploring past the Safe Shallows crater? damn.......

    Don't know how far things will go in time or how far things might be expanded optionally for an added $10 or $20 on a yearly or so continent of the world or such, than can only be reached if you know how.
    (maybe even we may end up doing a sequel where you go to a new set of worlds of choice to pay debts)

    Either way for it this game is amazing and opens so many doors for "Natural Selection" as a multiverse.
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    I went to the server for the noobs, saw the aliens jumping around me, on which the hell you hit, the commander yelled at me (he was Russian and I understood him), as a result of which I ran around our base and built buildings, after which I went into training. The best 7 minutes in my life ...
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    From this I couldn't figure out if you were on marine or alien side XD
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    Is this fomum alive? Anyone playing this game?
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    Xavier98 wrote: »
    Is this fomum alive? Anyone playing this game?

    People definitely are still playing this game. Instead of forum, using discord more too.

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