Fauna That Could Eventually Benefit From Visual Updates

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Hey there- so Subnautica has great artwork and visual design. Some things, however, aren't as polished as others and don't live up to the smooth/polished style of the game. The following are creatures that could benefit from complete visual updates or just specific tweaks. These are just my opinions, but I chose things that are significantly less polished than their iconic counterparts. That being said, the developers are doing a great job. For the sake of polish, the following are suggested.

Cave Crawler: These guys have a somewhat interesting design and add to the large Cyclops family of creatures. However, the model for this creature is just too basic and choppy. I'm not sure that the actual model is any more complex than a disk with cylinders for legs. Complete Update.

Hoverfish: This guy has pretty sloppy textures and a model that's too simple. Complete Update.

Jumper: This guy just doesn't fit the game aesthetic. He's dark and leathery looking and something about the design just doesn't work well. Complete Update.

Stalker: Stalkers dont fit the general game aesthetic either. They have choppy models and textures that could be smoother. Complete Update.

Garryfish: Were do I begin with this one... I'd say the garryfish is the worst animal implemented so far. Needs to be reworked completely. Complete Update.

Floater: These could be remade to look really dynamic. Perhaps a design that's a bit more complex or elegant would help. They also don't really make sense as a creature. Why do they do what they do? I think it would be cool if they were part of some rock-oriented plant that released them as seeds (they would carry boulders up and then back down in a different location). Complete Update.

Airsack: These things should have something inside their balloons. They would benefit from a new model and new textures. Complete Update.

Skyray: Even though these were implemented very recently they lack good textures. The models themselves could perhaps use some updating. I'm not sure. Perhaps Complete Update.

Reaper Leviathan: Although this guys has an interesting design and is a very popular/exciting entity he lacks visual finesse. He could benefit from a more detailed model as well as better textures. This guy is just too big/prominent to be B grade. Perhaps Complete Update.

Crash: These guys just need to be completely updated. They have messy fins and a design that could use tweaking.


Eyeye: Dont get me wrong, this guy looks pretty darn good. He could use a bit more vibrant/bold textures though.

Jellyray: Could perhaps use a more detailed model. About up to standard though.

Holefish: Better textures and/or a more unique design would benefit this guy.

Reginald: Is almost polished, but has a weird design. Could possibly benefit from design tweaks.

Sandshark: Is borderline. Could definitely use better textures but perhaps a new model as well (probably just textures).

Boneshark: Same with the sandshark. Needs better textures more than anything.

Boomerang: Could use both a better model and textures, but isn't terrible.

Reefback: Just the backs! And just the back textures. They could use some updating to be more in line with the Subnautica aesthetic.


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