Just learned about this today:

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So apparently there are deep sea snails/slugs (gastropods) that collect metal from the vents to make armor:


They're known as "Scaly-foot gastropods" and they immediately made me think of you guys.


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    This would be so f---ing cool

    Make it like a squid monster with that bubblegum looking stuff covered in shards of titanium, or bits of the Aurora.

    And it can shoot them at you.
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    Some SN versions of sea slugs and sea cucumbers (passive or defensive) would make a great addition, rounding out the impressive creature list we have even better. I think the sea floor needs a few extra, slow moving, creepy crawlies to give it that extra touch of diversity and "aliveness".
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    Would be cool in the Inactive Lava Zone as like a passive/friendly creature.

    The "Paladin Snailfish"
    Covers itself in armor made from bits of metal from volcanic vents. Look like a squid made out of bubblegum spilling out from a large shell on their head with little metal bits embedded in their flesh.

    They have bell-shaped shells that look kinda like knight helmets. They gather bits of metal to cover their soft bodies and make a sort of armor.

    The ends of their strongest tentacles have the largest, pointiest chunks of metal, making them into stretchy medieval flails.

    They could guard and live in/around the Lava Castle. It'd be perfect, cause they're like knights with helmets and armor and maces, living in a castle.

    Whatever, it's 5am and I'm tired.
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    Oooh, very Monster Hunter-esque. I'm a fan of being able to harvest non-critical bits from creatures, dangerous or otherwise. Its more fun than killing them outright as it adds to the challenge. Plus I feel less guilty if I just steal a scale or a bit of useful ore instead of murdering them.

    They'd be cool creatures to come across, more so with the added bonus of carrying useful objects you can nab off them.
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    tarek wrote: »
    :D iron fish :P

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    yes, and wouldn't it be cool to have deep sea communities like in the mariana trench (only alien) and at like 3,000 metres! with tube worms and such that operate from energy from deep sea vents.
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