sonar and tech affecting the environment.

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for my hundredth post, i thought i would talk about the thing i want most in the game

*screams from the crowd* "lethal weapons???"

no. i want to see a visible and drastic interaction between the player and the environment.

say you get that nice fancy seamoth sonar upgrade, what if using the active sonar ping to map your surroundings had similar effects on reefbacks as active sonar does to whales? driving them insane, maybe making them want to attack your cyclops or each other.

if you harvest all of the scrap metals from an area that is usually populated with stalkers, they might flock to other areas...and start munching on those shiny metal tubes that started laying around recently

over fish an area and large predatory animals will disappear, and flora will flourish, over harvest the flora and all of the fish will die off.

use too many torpedoes and the wildlife will seek out and destroy your seamoth.
kill to many of a species and they will start to become more aggressive, until they are hunting for you (think stalker bug ) piss off to many different species? get ready to feel the wrath of nature.

a lot of this comes from a little game called factorio. where nature slowly becomes more hostile to you and your machines as you destroy the planet and block out the sun with smog.


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