Got some problems with my badges please help.

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I bought some trading cards from steam and crafted some badges so i could equip them in my game (ns2) and when i clicked on redeem badges and proceed and it sayed success and then i went to manage badges but not 1 single badget was there but then i noticed that it sayed transfer your badges from ns2 forum and i only got them on steam so i would be very happy if someone could help me with this problem to get the badges to ns2 forum.


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    You cannot redeem the Steam trading card badges into hive database. Some servers (not sure if any of these servers are still up) show these badges if you make your Steam profile public, but this is not a default function of the game. All the badges supported by hive are achieved as a reward of community work (like maptesters and playtesters), some of them were given as a reward to donations during certain time frames (like the 2013 championship or the reinforcement program)

    The only badge easy to achieve at the moment is the Commander badge, which only require you to command something between 5 to 10 hours

    As far as I know, the CDT was exploring the possibility to add the steam badges into hive, but it seems that it is not an easy task, so they decided to use their time doing other things much more important for the game. You can read the trello card in here:
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    ok and thx for the answer, much appreciated.
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