How about a self-guided undersea explorer rover

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Would love to see an explorer rover the player can fabricate, and command to do things for you.
Have it retrieve items, explore, patrol, drop markers, or follow and protect you with a built in
stasis rifle. The player will need to hunt down titanium, glass, wire, ai
chip, blueprint, etc, to be able to build it. Have it self-guided with a limited set of
capabilities. Wouldn't want the rover to play the whole game for you. (remote controlling would
be cool, but might be hard to manage)

The main feature would be a remote cam so you can watch it explore or perform your requests from a
console in your Habitat or from inside the Cyclops. Maybe even make it be able to bring the
Cyclops home to you. Send it - it will then dock with it, and then drive it back and park it near you.
Give it a small storage capacity to carry minerals, or a fish for the tank, or take you to them, etc.

Have an available mini menu in the TAB menu system to activate and command it.
Make a console for your habitat with a view screen to watch the built in cam action as it moves.
(maybe have one automatically built in to the Cyclops as soon as you fabricate it for the first time)

Great game guys. I am so addicted.
Very cool...Thanks



  • 04Leonhardt04Leonhardt I came here to laugh at you Join Date: 2015-08-01 Member: 206618Members
    Remote controlling would essentially be the Freecam mode with more limits and more capabilities.

    Could be a module set up inside a Base to remote control it from, but if it goes too far out, or gets damaged, or runs out of juice, you would have to go hunt it down and drag it back.
  • PopeHaxPopeHax UK Join Date: 2015-08-04 Member: 206739Members
    I think this would be good, the item retrieval have as item/resource retrieval and could be done with a maker so it requires you to have found a item/resource rich area you place a marker with say the label harvest and the rover could then travel to the maker and harvest everything within a set radius of the maker upon all item/resources being collected it would also pick up the marker as the last thing to grab

    limitation as suggested by 04Leonhardt would be implemented the same way everything else is with a battery giving you a limited distance and operation from your base and storage capacity so it could take more than one trip

    you could have a special dock section to add to you store room area that the rover automatically Leaves from and returns to in order for you to take the items out and store them away while docked it would get a recharge giving you semi automation

    the potential limitations and capabilities could be expand on vastly but while trying to keep it as simple as possible
  • ChaosKnight626ChaosKnight626 Minnesota Join Date: 2015-08-05 Member: 206783Members
    Maybe, and this is a thought, but the rover could be tethered to the base and when it runs out of power the line retracts the rover back to the base. The rover could also be limited by a radius for the remote control or by the length of the tether
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